Claire Young
About Claire.
I enjoy working alongside people; helping them move from pain and difficulties, to freedom, comfort and a fuller life.

Physiotherapy is at the core of what I do. I qualified at the University of Cape Town in1980. Since then I’ve learned and developed further listening and hands-on treatment skills, increasing my ability to get to the root of the problem and choose the most appropriate treatment. You can view many of the courses and qualifications I have gained.

The advances in scientific understanding about our bodies, and particularly our mind-body connections, have given me further tools to support healing. Sometimes these are brand new methods, sometimes we’re gaining new insights as to how traditional methods can be used.

My hands-on techniques include remedial massage, muscle energy techniques, neural stretching, myofascial release and exercises. Visit my Treatment page for a full description of all the treatments I offer.


Contact Claire for an informal chat on how to help you back to the life you love.