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Our shape is partly inherited and partly a result of how we’ve lived; what physical and emotional experiences we’ve had. If our joints and muscles are not correctly lined up all our systems struggle to function fully. Realignment will be a combination of soft tissue stretching, joint mobilisation and posture re-education.
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A deep, gentle, hands on technique for loosening and realigning the fascia. This is the micro scaffolding of the connections between muscles, ligaments and bones.
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Stress impacts our health in many ways; you can’t have an emotion without a physical reaction. Managing our stress is another way to support our physical health. When we relax, our body can get on with healing. I’ll guide you as to when to push on and when to rest.
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I use gentle techniques to help get joints moving comfortably.
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Recovering our normal stretch, strength and stamina reduces pain, helps prevent further injury, and gets us back to active living.
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The nervous systems communicates with our hormones, our digestion, our clearing of waste and all other systems. Balancing and calming the nervous system supports healing.
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This treatment releases restrictions in your tissues and increases circulation so that healing can happen more effectively.
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All stages of life bring their different challenges; some we choose, some we don’t. Treatments and home exercises have to fit around the rest of life. I’ll be supporting you to find ways to move steadily towards a healthier future; getting fit and then staying active.
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How does your body feel in your chair, your car, on your bike, while using your phone or playing a musical instrument? If we spend a lot of time doing any one thing it’s worth making sure it’s a healthy fit.
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I’ll aim to give you an understanding of your body, your pain, how my treatments work and what you can do to support the healing.
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Thinking of buying beds, pillows, back and joint supports to help your pain? I can help you know what will suit your condition.
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Working with you and your doctor to find the best balance of prescribed or over the counter medication, and exploring other ways of relieving the pain.
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Chronic pain, that is long term pain, causes changes in our nerves, almost ‘switching the volume up’. Graded motor imagery allows us to change chronic pain by using brain exercises.
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There is a range of things you can do to boost your immune system, exercise being high on the list.
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Our breathing can be altered by pain, physical or emotional. Inefficient breathing has a knock on effect on all other functions; mental and physical.
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This is a massage and stretching technique that releases nerves from restrictions.
Every person's pain or injury is unique.
I will assess and discuss with you what will best support your healing.

A one hour session will include a thorough assessment, hands-on treatment and guidance as to what you can do to help the healing.

I presently charge £45 for the hour.

Contact Claire for an informal chat on how to help you back to the life you love.